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Tis the season

Its that time of year again, and we’re working hard to make it another special season. With a trip to the tree farm with Matt & Jeni Thompson to kick it off, we got started on the right foot.

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Matt & I were overjoyed with the nearly perfect snowy morning. While Matt and I frolicked, the girls wandered a bit, but stuck back to tend to Luke. After a long search, we finally made up our minds.

Unfortunately, the trees look a lot shorter in the open. Even after cutting them near shoulder height, both trees were still over 9′ tall. Never the less, we were all stoked with our finds.

With a short trip to the warming house for a cup of hot chocolate, it was time to head back with our finds. We stuffed our trees in the back of the truck and headed home.

We look forward to the upcoming holiday season and sharing these special times with our family and friends.

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