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A month of new experiences for Grace

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10118, ‘right’, 180, ‘grace2month’); [/cg_gallery] Grace is now nearly 2 months old, which means another trip to see the doc.  She has exploded to a staggering 12 lbs. 2 oz. and 24 inches, which puts her at the 90th & 95th percentiles respectively.   This also meant it was time for her first round of immunizations, with sore spots and band-aids to prove it!  They say that time flies when you are having fun, and we have definitely been experiencing both.

After having so many visitors in her first month, it was time for Grace to begin doing some visiting of her own. She traveled to Peru, Guthrie Center, and Cedar Rapids to spend time with all of her grandpas for Father’s Day. In fact, she spent her first nights away from home since leaving the hospital when staying with Grandpa and Grandma Janes for a three day weekend.  All of the traveling must have made Grace tired, as it was about this time when she started sleeping 6, 7 and even 8 hours at night! All of the grandparents agree that more visits are needed for the sake of her sleeping schedule!

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10089, null, 180, ‘grace2month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10083, ‘center’, 180, ‘grace2month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10095, ‘center’, 115, ‘grace2month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10094, ‘center’, 115, ‘grace2month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10073, ‘right’, 180, ‘grace2month’); [/cg_gallery]

In addition to all of her visits, Grace has also expanded her horizons with lots of firsts. Her first smiles caught on film came just after the one month mark and have become more frequent ever since. She did her first geocaching with Grandpa Janes and went on her first bike ride with Mom and Dad. She even went on her first camping trip with Aunt Jessica, Uncle Bryan and Cousin Landon.

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10077, null, 180, ‘grace2month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10087, ‘center’, 120, ‘grace2month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10114, ‘center’, 115, ‘grace2month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10108, ‘center’, 115, ‘grace2month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10109, ‘center’, 115, ‘grace2month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10082, ‘right’, 180, ‘grace2month’); [/cg_gallery]

The last month has flown by, with Grace and her happy parents so busy enjoying new experiences that we have fallen behind on updating the blog and gallery. To all of the family and friends who have been anxiously awaiting the next installment, we promise to try to do better at keeping up.  Until next time, there are more where these came from in the gallery.

And if all of this hasn’t said enough, Geoff thinks this picture explains it all:

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10081, ‘center’, 500, ‘grace2month’); [/cg_gallery]
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