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A week with Grace

The past week has been filled with doctors, nurses, family and friends.  We came home from the hospital on Wednesday morning ready to relax.  Grandpa and Grandma Janes had been working at the house to keep things in order while we were gone, highlighed by Grandpa’s quest to find and water all of Jill’s potted plants.

After Grandpa & Grandma Janes left, Grandma Benton arrived to help Jill through her first night at home without nurse care, and Aunt Jessica and Aunt Jinny arrived for a quick visit.  By the time all guests left for home, not another bit of food could fit in the fridge & freezer, and the house was spotlessly clean.  Mom and Dad greatly appreciate all the work that Family and Friends provided, helping make our first few days at home pretty darn easy.

The other gift to Mom and Dad comes from Grace.  Grace has been an absolute joy during our first week at home.  Not only does she have Mom & Dad wrapped around her fingers, but she’s been incrediably good to Mom & Dad.  Only seldomly has she been fussy, we’ve had pretty good nights, and only one blow-out so far.  🙂

As we continue forward, we look back at the last week’s worth of memories and cherish the time to come.

Happy first week Grace!

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