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Grace Evelyn Janes

At 8:48 AM this morning, Jill and I were blessed with a 7lb 4oz baby girl.  At 4:30 this morning Grace decided she was done with her home and was ready to move on.  The Braxton Hicks contractions that we thought we were having for several days ended up being the real thing, and at 4:30 they turned up the intensity.  Not only were they much stronger, they were already only 2 minutes apart.

So, only a little panicked, Geoff scurried to get things together as Jill leaned against the bathroom counter.  And as we rushed to the emergency room, we quickly called the family to let everyone know that today was the day.

By the time we arrived, we were already dilated to 6cm, and after a short period of contractions had reached 10cm.  Then an hour and 20 minutes of pushing later, Grace arrived:

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We’re blessed with such a wonderful little girl, and look forward to taking her home in a few days.  We can’t wait for visits from all of you!

For more pictures, visit the gallery.

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