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Life with a 4-Month-Old

After four months with Grace, here are a few things that we new parents have learned:

  • It is difficult to allow a baby to “cry it out” at 3 in the morning, even if it may be what’s best for her.
  • It is certainly worth letting a baby “cry it out” when she finally learns to settle herself down on her own.
  • Bath time becomes more fun when you can splash with both hands and feet.
  • Grandparents are always willing to spoil a granddaughter in any way possible.
  • A new highchair may be a special symbol of infancy to a parent, but is just another thing to chew on to the infant.
  • Feet, when first discovered, are better than any new toy.
  • You are never too young to cheer for the Cyclones.
  • All new sounds, even shrieks and screams, must be “practiced” often (at the expense of parents’ ears)  to really get them down.
  • Rolling over (and over and over) is quite effective for getting where you want to go.
  • Watching a boy kiss your daughter is hard for a Daddy, even if the boy is another baby.
  • Naps are to be fought at any time when suggested by a parent–napping on your own terms is A-Okay.
  • Learning to sit up requires patience, practice, and a few face-plants.
  • Life with a baby is never boring!

The last month was full of visits and trips to keep us busy.  Luke Thompson was the first lucky little boy to get in trouble with Grace’s Dad, he is the first on what I’m sure will be a long list of boys who will get “the talk” in a few more years.

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10534, null, 120, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10535, null, 120, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10537, ‘right’, 280, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery]

Our next visitor was Jack Brown. Grace and Jack had a great evening hanging out by the fire:

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10545, ‘center’, 280, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10547, null, 190, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery]

And, several visits to or visits by family:

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10540, null, 190, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10542, null, 190, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10541, null, 120, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10558, null, 115, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10559, null, 115, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10561, null, 115, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery]

Our little girl has begun to master all kinds of new tricks.  Not only has she become very vocal, she’s also nearly mastered rolling both ways and is starting to learn how to sit.  She’s also decided anything within arms reach is now hers.  Its been fun enjoying all of her new tricks.

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10552, null, 120, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10553, null, 120, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10548, null, 190, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10555, null, 190, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10556, null, 190, ‘grace4month2’); [/cg_gallery]

And, finally, an early video of Grace rolling around:

[flv] url=”” width=”320″ height=”240″ autostart=”false” image=”/content/wp-content/uploads/janesfamily_org_files/2009/09/rolling.jpg” [/flv]

With back-to-school and days at daycare now feeling routine, it seems time has begun to fly as our sweet baby girl continues to grow and change before our eyes. We can’t wait for everyone to have a chance to see all of her new tricks. Until then, visit the gallery for more photos of Grace.

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