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A crawlin we will go

That about sums it up.  Last week we saw what we would call our first “official” crawl, and now Grace is on the move.  It still isn’t completely pretty, but it gets the job done, and gets Grace into all sorts of trouble!

Yesterday I had the day off, and during my morning workout Grace decided her blanket and toys weren’t good enough, heading across the office into the “messy corner.”  Well, you can guess what I spent the next 2 hours of my morning doing – cleaning up the “messy corner.”  Anything within arms reach of a sitting baby is at risk now, so we’ve had to take a bit of time to make sure most things are Grace-proof.

So, with the baby-gate closed and the house Grace-proofed, I give you our crawler, Grace E Janes:

Chasing Simon:


Getting into all kinds of stuff:


Trying to make friends with Simon:


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