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Back to business

Well, it’s back to work for all of the Janes family! All are officially back into the routine of work, school, and days at daycare. Our summer officially ended on Monday, August 16th when Jill went back to school, Geoff went back to regular hours at admissions, and Grace went back to Heather’s for days with her friends. Although we had the best of intentions of recapping our summer with a post to commemorate this occasion…back to work means being busy for us all. Thus, as things start to settle just a bit, we are finally getting to that post!

9 weeks of summer seemed to fly by this year, especially with all of the trips and visits we have previously highlighted here. In between our times away from home, though, we all found plenty of time for good, old-fashioned summertime fun. Having Grace around brought the kid back in all of us! Whether it be swimming, playing in the sand, visiting the playground, going to the zoo and the fair, attending library storytime, or hanging out with friends, our summer fun usually revolved around Grace.

The biggest surprise for Jill and I during the summer was the number of changes that we saw in Grace.  She went from a baby still at the beginning of summer to a little girl.  Many of these pictures and videos illustrate these changes.  So without further delay, here is a recap of some of our best summer moments:

[cg_gallery 12393 246] [cg_gallery 12398 164] [cg_gallery 12400 164]
[cg_gallery 12404 246] [cg_gallery 12407 164] [cg_gallery 12408 105] [cg_gallery 12409 105]
[cg_gallery 12410 246] [cg_gallery 12411 164] [cg_gallery 12412 164]
[cg_gallery 12415 105] [cg_gallery 12417 105] [cg_gallery 12418 105] [cg_gallery 12419 105] [cg_gallery 12420 246]
[cg_gallery 12421 164] [cg_gallery 12423 164] [cg_gallery 12426 164] [cg_gallery 12428 105] [cg_gallery 12433 105]
[cg_gallery 12429 105] [cg_gallery 12431 105] [cg_gallery 12432 246]
[cg_gallery 12452 246] [cg_gallery 12453 105] [cg_gallery 12454 105]
[cg_gallery 12434 246] [cg_gallery 12435 164] [cg_gallery 12436 105] [cg_gallery 12441 105]
[cg_gallery 12442 164] [cg_gallery 12445 164] [cg_gallery 12447 164] [cg_gallery 12450 164]

And a few videos can really tell the story as well.  This is one of the first videos from the summer, and at this point Grace was still REALLY wobbly as she walked.


Another early video of grace feeding herself with a spoon.  She has now mastered this technique.


Grace taking a dip in the pool:


And a final video to show how much she’s grown, a recent clip from the fair:

running around chickens

So as we turn towards fall, we look forward to all the new fun adventures we can have with our wonderful daughter.

And don’t forget to check out the gallery for lots more photos!

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