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Dad gets to work!

The last several weekends, Dad has been busy with construction work–or more accurately, “destruction” work. It started with a trip to Minneapolis to help Jess and Bryan with their basement project. A lot of concrete work later, Dad returned home for a few brief days before going to Creston to help Matt and Jeni with their kitchen remodel. After 3 long days there, it was home again with renewed energy for his own project.

Uncle Greg arrived last weekend for another long weekend of work. This time the task was beginning our project to add a fireplace to the basement. Although the chimney cavity was built for two fireplaces, the house currently has just one and an extra set of old chimney pipe. After a tremendous first day of work, the existing chimney pipe was all removed and 3/4 of the new pipe installed. Then came more destruction as holes were cut in the drywall ceiling to run venting pipe. With holes already in the ceiling, the next step was to remove the florescent lighting and put in recessed lighting instead. By Sunday, a grand total of four holes in the ceiling and a giant, open, chimney cavity were waiting for the next work weekend to be patched.

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More pics in the gallery.

Now, what does a 10-month-old do during all of this? She plays with her cousin and friends, accepts her first flower from a boy, distracts Uncle Greg from working, goes to visit Grandpa Paul and Grandma Darla, and does her best to get into everything carelessly left out during the projects!

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