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Into everything

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and we’ve got all kinds of stuff to share, but no time to get it up and share it.  So, here’s a few videos as a teaser of all the things we’ve been up to.  We’ll try to get another post with pictures and videos of Grace’s enormous steps:

  • We’re everywhere now.  We’ve become a very talented crawler.
  • Nothing is safe.  Now that we pull ourself up on anything and everything, Dad & Mom have to keep a close eye out to make sure she’s not getting into things she shouldn’t be (which she does often), or that she doesn’t pull something over on top of herself (she’s already done that once).
  • Stairs are a new toy and also require a close eye.  See the last video below.
  • We’re now beginning to walk around furniture, and enjoy walking with Mom & Dad.  It won’t be too long now and she’ll be running around.
  • Our little swimmer.  Grace has now attended her 3rd swim practice, and has been enjoying everything except back-floating and dunking.

So, here are the videos, and we’ll try to get updated pictures and videos from our most recent events up as soon as we can.





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