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Madelyn turns 2 months!

We know it is hard to believe, but Madelyn is already two months. As these pictures show, she is growing and changing by the day. Geoff, Jill, and big sister Grace are loving watching her “awaken” as she becomes more alert and aware each week. At two months, here are some things we are all learning about Madelyn:

  • She gives her biggest smiles when her tummy is full right after eating
  • She can now hold on to her toys if she accidentally “catches” them
  • She likes to play under her gym, especially if big sister lays down beside her
  • She enjoys watching big sister Grace in all of her busy endeavors
  • She is a great sport when tagging along on trips to the library or meeting Daddy
  • She’s “really cute,” according to big sis
  • She can sleep for a 7 hour stretch at night, although she usually “calls” for Mommy after about 6 hours
  • She looks adorable wearing a big bow
  • She loves to be cuddled to go to sleep, even if Mom and Dad agree this is spoiling her
  • She has plenty to say as she coos back at you, especially if she has your full attention during big sister’s nap

And with that, here is a glimpse of our pretty baby girl at 2 months!

[flickr]5974929501[/flickr] [flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157626661889779″ fg_filter=”all” extras=”description,tags” tags=”2months”]
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