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It was springtime in the Janes’ household. The flowers were blooming, the birds were chirping, and the ducks were quacking! Dad had been talking about getting me my very own ducks since last spring when we visited the ducks, chicks and bunnies at Orscheln’s. This last Saturday Mom was busy decorating my room, so Dad snuck away with me and Grandpa to look for ducks.

We had to look REALLY hard, but we found some! And then two of them decided they didn’t like their home at Orscheln’s! So they just had to come home with me!

I love them and wish we could play together all day, but Mom & Dad say the ducks need to sleep. “Shhhhh” I remind them. We check on them often, and sometimes read them bedtime stories.

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When they are awake, Little Quack likes to chase me across the kitchen:

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