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My first camping trip – by Madelyn

So, I had to wait until I was exactly 1 year, 1 month old to finally get to go camping. Word is, my sister got to go when she was just 2 months old… and she says I’M the spoiled one! In any case, my day arrived this past weekend when Mommy and Daddy took Grace and I camping at Ledges State Park.



I am learning new things every day, but I learned LOTS while we were camping. Here are some of my latest:

1. The camper is a really fun place to crawl and bounce around.
2. There are lots of things that I’m not supposed to eat or put in my mouth while camping. This is hard to remember.
3. I have difficulties sleeping when there are loud noises in a campground.
4. I LOVE to walk around a campsite with Mom or Dad holding my hands…even though they never want to keep this up as long as I do.
5. Smores made over a campfire taste better than those we roasted at our firepit at home.
6. I am really good at getting really dirty while camping.
7. I’m perfectly happy riding in my backpack carrier with Daddy on long walks.
8. It’s nice to splash in the creek like the big kids on a hot day.
9. I like Daddy’s blueberry pancakes made on the griddle.
10. I can’t wait to go camping again later this summer! Hopefully then I will be walking so that I can keep up with Grace. (Mom and Dad hope for this, too!)

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