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Our grown-up girls

May birthdays mean it’s time to break out the camera for some new portraits.

Grace’s 3-year photos came first. She certainly knew the routine and was ready for her pictures. She climbed onto her rocking horse and proved to be a bit of a show-off for Madelyn. The ducky that kept appearing on Dad’s head helped get some genuine giggles and smiles, too.

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-009

May 2012 photoshoot-031

May 2012 photoshoot-038

Madelyn’s 1-year photos were a bit tougher. It’s difficult to convince 1-year-old to do anything for more than a few minutes, let alone stay in one spot! Grace’s lessons in rocking-horse-riding proved fruitless, as Madelyn made it clear she was not enjoying the posed ride. She did, however, seem to like being a “big girl” in the rocking chair, and gave us a grin or two.

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-029

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-030

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-002

Attempts at getting both girls together in a photo were almost comical. The photos, though, accurately capture the two girls together: one is always amused by the other, but both are rarely on the same page!

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-024

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-025

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-026

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This is just a few of the photos, be sure to check them all out on Flickr.

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