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It’s a boy? Or a girl?

January 11, 2009 · filed under: Grace Evelyn by Geoff

TJ’s been a lot more active the last couple of weeks, and lately Jill has been taking quite a beating. With an upcoming visit to the doctor that included an ultrasound, we were both very excited to see what in the world TJ was up to in there.

The wait was over, it was time to see TJ.  We both decided ahead of time we didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby, but still eagerly awaited getting to see TJ for the first time.

In this first video, you can see TJ’s heartbeat, legs & arms.  Watch the ultrasound technician point out the heart, nostrils and eyes.  Then near the end you can see a shot of all 4 heart chambers.  To view in full-screen, right-click and choose “Switch to fullscreen.”

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Well, not surprisingly for a kid, TJ decided not to cooperate, and insisted on sleeping for much of the ultrasound.  We did, however, manage to wake him (or her, as Jill reminds Geoff)  up for a few great shots.  In this next video, watch for arm and leg movement and a sleepy yawn.

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In this next video, keep your eyes out for mouth, lip and tongue movement.  We think its pretty cute.

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There are also a few pictures in the gallery and a DVD ISO that can be used to burn a full copy of the ultrasound DVD.


January 7, 2009 · filed under: Family, Holidays by Geoff

We started our holiday season with a holiday party, and ended it with a bowl party. Its been a long few weeks, packed with friends, family and fun.

We had great turnout for our holiday party, and enjoyed catching up with many friends. Shortly after, we headed out for the “Iowa loop” as Geoff calls it. Guthrie brought a pair of Christmas celebrations with Ron & Donna and Bob & Bea. Gifts and fun family time abound, everyone enjoyed the time to catch up with family and share holiday spirit.

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The next stop in the loop brought the move to Peru to visit Paul & Darla and kids. More holiday fun followed!

Stop number three in the loop took us back home for a quick refueling and repacking stop before heading north for a night in Minneapolis with Jess, Bryan and Landon. Geoff & Bryan got right to work laying out and taping the floor-plan that they had drawn up for the basement.

And our final stop on the loop took us north to the cabin. Greg had just flown back from overseas and we were excited to spend some time together again. Apart from some serious laziness, we also took some time for a bit of cross-country skiing and some geocaching. The geocaching was much trickier than usual because of the large amount of snow on the ground. We concentrated on caches that claimed to be “available in winter,” but still were unable to find several.

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And a riveting game of Catch Phrase:

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The end of the holidays were marked by New Years in Cedar Rapids with a New Year’s party at Derek and Heidi’s, and a bowl party at Dad & Mom’s. Dad was happy cause the Hawks won; I brought Cy window clings and plastered them all over everyone’s cars. 🙂

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