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A visit from Abby & a trip to the fair!

August 27, 2009 · filed under: Grace Evelyn by Geoff

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10497, ‘right’, 100, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10494, ‘right’, 100, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] Its been a long month, and awhile since our last update!  So, since August 11th, Grace has been busy! and lazy…  But most notably, she got a visit from her friend Abby Rachut.  The two girls played like they’d known each other forever, and were completely intrigued with each other.  We got some really cute pictures of them together, and many more available in the gallery:

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10505, null, 180, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10507, null, 120, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10510, null, 120, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10519, null, 120, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10506, null, 120, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery]

The next morning, Beth, Steve and Abby headed to the fair.  Grace got jealous that she had to go to daycare instead, so we decided we’d take her down to the fair too!

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10521, ‘center’, 280, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10523, null, 120, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10475, null, 120, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10479, null, 120, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10481, null, 120, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery]

And not to be upstaged by Grace, Landon got to show off for everyone at Little Hands on the Farm:

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10449, ‘center’, 180, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10455, null, 180, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10459, null, 120, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10467, null, 120, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10492, null, 180, ‘grace4month’); [/cg_gallery]

And as always, there are many more pictures in the gallery.

Grace’s 3-month photo shoot

August 11, 2009 · filed under: Grace Evelyn by Geoff

For Grace’s 3-month birthday, she decided to put on her pretty face for some photos! When all was said and done, we took 900 and some pictures. After weeding out all of the junk, we ended up with 78 great photos, of which 19 made the shortlist for the gallery.  I always tend to start out easy and end with the best, but I just can’t help it, this is my favorite!

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10431, ‘center’, 500, ‘grace3monthps’); [/cg_gallery]

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10435, ‘center’, 180, ‘grace3monthps’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10434, null, 120, ‘grace3monthps’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10439, null, 120, ‘grace3monthps’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10442, null, 120, ‘grace3monthps’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10445, null, 120, ‘grace3monthps’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10444, null, 180, ‘grace3monthps’); [/cg_gallery]

As Jill’s last few days wind down before she goes back to work, we cherish the last 14 weeks.  Grace is a blessing and as every day passes by, it continually gets harder to think about taking Grace to daycare.  Fortunately, Heather is a lot like us, so Grace will get lots of love and attention while Mom & Dad are at work.  We were fortunate to find such a great place to take Grace, and I think that helps ease Jill’s mind as she prepares to go back.

Your Mom and Dad love you very much, Grace!

Grace’s baptism & 3 month birthday!

August 4, 2009 · filed under: Family, Grace Evelyn by Geoff

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10406, ‘left’, 150, ‘grace3month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10374, ‘right’, 150, ‘grace3month’); [/cg_gallery] Its been a busy week!  It started out with helping mom and dad clean for family visits for her baptism, then a night away from mom and dad, then a really long day on Sunday for the baptism!

In all, 22 people were here to celebrate with Grace.  Grandpa and Grandma Janes came from Cedar Rapids, and Great Aunt Connie, Uncle Otis, and cousin Brooke arrived from Muscatine. Grandpa Paul, Grandma Darla, Uncle Jake, Aunt Hannah, and Aunt Sarah made the trip from Peru. From Guthrie Center came Grandpa Ron and Grandma Donna and Great Grandpa Bob and Great Grandma Bea. Finally, Aunt Jessica, Uncle Bryan, Cousin Landon, and Aunt Jinny and Justin came from Minneapolis.  Mom and Dad made numbers 21 & 22.  What a crew!

She was up early and into her new dress, then woken up early by Rev. Fred for her baptism, then paraded throughout the congregation as everyone sang her song, and then awake for most of the remainder of the service!  Only once did we have to get up and take her outside, and by the time we got back, she was fast asleep.

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10391, null, 120, ‘grace3month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10375, null, 120, ‘grace3month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10381, ‘center’, 180, ‘grace3month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10413, null, 180, ‘grace3month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10416, null, 180, ‘grace3month’); [/cg_gallery]

Back home, all the family arrived and we had a celebratory brunch.  Grace didn’t know what to think of all the attention – there wasn’t a moment that passed that she wasn’t being held by one person or another.

And of course, with this much family around, what better time would there be for some more family photos!

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10384, null, 160, ‘grace3month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10386, ‘center’, 160, ‘grace3month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10387, null, 160, ‘grace3month’); [/cg_gallery] [cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10388, null, 106, ‘grace3month’); [/cg_gallery]

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10371, ‘right’, 150, ‘grace3month’); [/cg_gallery] And by the end of the day, she was a tired little girl!  She slept all night and most of the next day!

And if that wasn’t enough, Grace was busy with new accomplishments yet again on her birthday!  Today, for the first time, she officially rolled over, on purpose!  In fact, not once, not twice, but 6 times in a row!  Check out some of the footage:

[flv] url=”” width=”320″ height=”240″ autostart=”false” image=”/content/wp-content/uploads/janesfamily_org_files/2009/08/short-roll.jpg” [/flv]

[flv] url=”” width=”320″ height=”240″ autostart=”false” image=”/content/wp-content/uploads/janesfamily_org_files/2009/08/long-roll.jpg” [/flv]

With lots of cameras around on her special day, there are plenty of additional photos in the gallery.

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