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A Timeless Parenting Tradition

January 20, 2010 · filed under: Grace Evelyn by Jill

With yet another day off from school due to weather, I found time for a timeless parenting tradition: struggling to put together one of Grace’s new toys. I believe this is a tradition that grandparents and other parents find very amusing and new parents do not.

strollerIn any case, putting together the adorable stroller that Grace received from Heather for the holidays proved to be a classic case of  the above. In the box, the stroller looked like a very simple toy to assemble. The finished picture seemed to have few parts that would need assembling.  See picture at left.

So, with Grace approaching a crabby time, I began said toy assembly. I first attempted to interest Grace in the box while I worked on the assembly. Usually, boxes are a wonderful toy to her, but not today. Today, she wanted to inspect all of the stroller pieces. This meant that just as I read the directions and located the next piece to assemble, Grace chose that piece to wave around, chew on, bang on the floor, etc. As we all know, taking a “toy” away from an 8-month old does not end well. This became a constant battle throughout the half-hour assembly process. When she wasn’t wanting the necessary pieces, Grace was scrambling to snatch the screw-driver I was using to assemble the stroller. Re-read above if you are wondering how taking away the screwdriver went… The icing on the cake to the entire process was when the “simple snap-on” piece refused to “snap”. When it finally snapped, it also “snapped” my finger, leaving me with a blood blister. My own battle scar from the toy assembling process!

With all said and done, I will say the stroller is adorable and Grace instantly wanted to stand behind it. Guess those parental battles are all worth it!

A crawlin we will go

January 19, 2010 · filed under: Grace Evelyn by Geoff

That about sums it up.  Last week we saw what we would call our first “official” crawl, and now Grace is on the move.  It still isn’t completely pretty, but it gets the job done, and gets Grace into all sorts of trouble!

Yesterday I had the day off, and during my morning workout Grace decided her blanket and toys weren’t good enough, heading across the office into the “messy corner.”  Well, you can guess what I spent the next 2 hours of my morning doing – cleaning up the “messy corner.”  Anything within arms reach of a sitting baby is at risk now, so we’ve had to take a bit of time to make sure most things are Grace-proof.

So, with the baby-gate closed and the house Grace-proofed, I give you our crawler, Grace E Janes:

Chasing Simon:


Getting into all kinds of stuff:


Trying to make friends with Simon:


Grace E. Janes: Performing Artist & Athlete

January 10, 2010 · filed under: Grace Evelyn by Geoff

Star on Stage!

The talented Grace E. Janes

performs her interpretive rendition of Mozart,

accompanied by original vocals.


Limited performances by appointment only.

Janes “Splashes” Her Way to a Swimming Sensation


In her first time in the pool, Grace Janes made a splash that won’t soon be forgotten. Janes, 8 months, began her swim with the “floaty-event”. Fearlessly kicking and splashing inside her flower flotation device, she giggled and gurgled to the finish. Leaving the floaty behind for future events, Janes then cruised the pool in the arms of her mom, dad, uncle and friends. Not a cry escaped her lips as she played away in the water for nearly 45 minutes of fun.

Janes was joined in the pool by family friends, Abby Rachut, daughter of Steve and Beth Rachut, of Osage, Iowa, and Kade and Camden Wilson, son and daughter of Derek and Cherri Wilson, of Ankeny, Iowa. Also joining her for this special event were her uncle, Greg Janes, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and new friend Kim Struyk of Virginia.

Janes’s future athletic plans include swimming lessons in Ames, Iowa during the month of February.

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