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Weekends at the zoo

August 13, 2010 · filed under: Grace Evelyn, Trips by Geoff

With Grace’s fascination with animals growing by the day, we decided to take her to the zoo.  She loved her first visit to the zoo in Denver, so we brought her to the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines.  For a small zoo, its quite good, and Grace had a great time!  She especially enjoyed “Kid’s Kingdom” where she got to see and feed lots of animals up close.

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And a few additional videos of Grace feeding and watching the animals:



Then on a recent trip to Minneapolis, we made a point to swing by the zoo there.

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And lots of videos of the action.  The first is Grace playing in the tunnel through the monkey house:

Grace in tunnel

Next is Grace getting some close action of a Russian Grizzley Bear:

Bear in water

Grace getting a close encounter with a leapord:


And Grace’s first encounter with a shark:


And a short video of the sea dragons that Grace liked:

Sea Dragons

The first is Grace playing in the tunnel through the monkey house: <a href=”../wp-content/uploads/janesfamily_org_files/2010/08/2010-08-07_10-01-07_234.flv”>Grace in tunnel</a> Next is Grace getting some close action of a Russian Grizzley Bear: <a href=”../wp-content/uploads/janesfamily_org_files/2010/08/2010-08-07_11-23-32_908.flv”>Bear in water</a> Grace getting a close encounter with a leapord: <a href=”../wp-content/uploads/janesfamily_org_files/2010/08/2010-08-07_11-47-11_556.flv”>Leapord</a> And

Lake-front property

August 11, 2010 · filed under: Events by Geoff

With the flooding in Ames came lake-front property for the Janes!  Course, along with lake-front property comes a few little issues.

#1 – the trail camera that I borrowed from a friend is now taking pictures of the water up-close-and-personal, unless its not submerge water proof… in which case I owe him a trail-cam.

On the upside, if its still alive under water it will probably have taken some really cool pictures of the flood water!

[cg_gallery 12388 246] [cg_gallery 12383 246]

#2 – firewood floats.  I had a really nice stack of firewood, enough to last for a few winters of fires several nights a week.  Unfortunately, wood floats.  The neighbors said they got tired of counting when the water rose high enough that even the large pieces were floating in a nice even line.

#3 – my bridge across the creek is also wood.  So it also floats.  I hope its still around someplace…

[cg_gallery 12385 246] [cg_gallery 12386 246]

#4 – grass doesn’t like this much water.  That means less mowing, but it also means re-seeding is probably going to be required.

[cg_gallery 12377 246] [cg_gallery 12378 246]

#5 – mosquitoes like this extra water everywhere, and they also like Grace and her Dad.  This spells even more itchy bites for the both of us.

[cg_gallery 12382 246] [cg_gallery 12384 105] [cg_gallery 12381 105] [cg_gallery 12387 164]

Here are a few additional videos of the current as well:


Flood video

All is well with the house, no water in the basement and we can deal with boiling our drinking water for now.  Our thoughts go out to those who weren’t as lucky.

Fun for the whole family

August 9, 2010 · filed under: Family, Trips by Jill

Summer days seem to drift on by. It hardly seems that it’s already been six weeks since our first summer getaway. However, those weeks have flown by and we are finally getting the photos up from our June adventure.

It’s been said that one of the favorite things the Janes family does is sail. Chartering a sailboat and spending a few days out on the open water is both exciting and relaxing. It had been 3 years since the family had sailed, and six since both Janes boys had been aboard together.

So at the end of June, Gil & Donna, Geoff & Jill, and Greg & Kim set out for three days on Lake Superior. Boarding the Harmony at Port Superior near Bayfield, Wisconsin, our sail brought us three days of good wind for picking up speed. With this speed we were able to beat a thunderstorm into a protected cove, race out to Devil’s Island and the unprotected water, and enjoy a rousing sail back to port. Each day also brought periods of stillness when there seemed to be virtually no wind at all. This meant time for sunbathing on the deck, leisurely enjoying a book, and catching up as a family.  Additionally, our evenings at anchor allowed us time for delicious meals prepared by Donna and adventures to shore for collecting rocks and watching sunsets.

[cg_gallery 12241 246] [cg_gallery 12240 246]
[cg_gallery 12243 105] [cg_gallery 12257 105] [cg_gallery 12254 164] [cg_gallery 12258 164] [cg_gallery 12261 164]
[cg_gallery 12265 246] [cg_gallery 12297 164] [cg_gallery 12309 105] [cg_gallery 12311 105]
[cg_gallery 11908 105] [cg_gallery 11940 105] [cg_gallery 11927 164] [cg_gallery 11931 246]
[cg_gallery 12323 105] [cg_gallery 12324 105] [cg_gallery 11956 164] [cg_gallery 12346 164] [cg_gallery 12347 105] [cg_gallery 12336 105]

While the others sailed, though, the littlest Janes enjoyed an adventure of her own. Too young and too active to take in the confines of a sailboat, Grace spent four days enjoying the farm with Grandpa Paul, Grandma Darla, Sarah, Hannah, and Jake. With so many willing to partake in the spoiling, it seemed Grace never had a moment to misbehave. During her stay, she enjoyed watching Jake play baseball, splashing at the aquatic center, playing at Grandma Sally’s house, chasing the kitties, and winning the hearts of all her caretakers.

[cg_gallery 12353 219] [cg_gallery 12357 164] [cg_gallery 12362 164]
[cg_gallery 12360 246] [cg_gallery 12354 246]

As always, there are a load of additional pictures available in the gallery.