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Almost finished!

March 20, 2011 · filed under: Grace Evelyn, Projects by Geoff

After a few more weeks of hard work, we’re almost there! Here are a few pictures of our progress. More pictures have been added to the “Grace’s New Room” post below, and they’re also available on Flickr.

Grace and Mom hanging out under the bed:

Grace sitting in the loft:

Grace’s new room

March 6, 2011 · filed under: Grace Evelyn, Projects by Geoff

With a new one on the way, preparations have begun to move Grace into her “big girl room.”  Dad decided that since Grace was going to need a new bed, he’d tackle the job of building her one.

The simple doll-house headboard idea that Jill had didn’t seem worth Geoff’s time, so he decided to go bigger and better.  What started out as an excuse to not build Grace a kitchen set has grown into a monstrous project, as the following photos will show.

Grace, however, LOVES it, so its worth all of the work.  🙂

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More pictures to follow as we continue the work!