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Madelyn’s 3-month photoshoot

August 22, 2011 · filed under: Madelyn Estelle by Geoff

Madelyn is officially 3 months old today! We aren’t sure where the time went, but we know she looks nothing like those infant photos it seems like we just took yesterday.

In preparation for the big 3-month mark, Madelyn had another photoshoot over the weekend. Our little cutie showed off how well she can hold her head…and how much she loves to suck on her fists now that she knows how to find them! We did catch a few that show off her beautiful baby blues.



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Of course, big sister Grace wanted in on the fun, too. She jumped on set and “helped” us get Madelyn’s attention by smiling at her, talking to her, and rubbing her hair. When all was complete, she took a seat just like Maddie and posed for some impromptu photos herself.


There are many more photos available out on Flickr

Madelyn’s Baptism

August 15, 2011 · filed under: Family, Madelyn Estelle by Jill

With summer nearing an end and Madelyn growing and changing every day, it was time to take a day to celebrate her. We held her baptism on Sunday, August 7, at our First United Methodist Church in Ames. The center of attention was our little sweetheart, Madelyn Estelle, decked out in her frilly dress for the special occasion. According to big sister, Grace, she was “all pretty!” from her hairbow down to her mary janes. We were so proud of Madelyn, as she was happy and alert for the whole ceremony with only a whimper when the first drop of water hit her head. We watched proudly as Rev. Fred paraded our pretty girl through the congregation with nothing but smiles.


After church, we hosted grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for brunch at our house. It was quite a crew, with a total of 20 people in all. The bigger kids played inside and outside while the adults enjoyed quality time with Madelyn. There was plenty of good food, plenty of photo ops, and plenty of attention for our sweet baby girl. We enjoyed having everyone together for a day just for Madelyn!

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Playset finished!

August 2, 2011 · filed under: Projects by Geoff

Anyone who knows us knows that a clean pool table means the project is done…


Well, done for now. Phase 1 of the playset is done, that’s it for this summer. It’s a good feeling to be done, even knowing there’s additional work to be done down the road.

Here are some pictures to show the finished phase 1 set:


[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157627073353836″ fg_filter=”all” extras=”description,tags” tags=”Finished”]

And here’s the rest of the pictures, back to just the posts sticking out of the ground:

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These are just a few of the tons of pictures we took throughout the project. Check out all of the photos out on Flickr.