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Madelyn sits!

October 20, 2011 · filed under: Madelyn Estelle by Geoff

So our last accomplishment for 4-months is sitting. Today Dad and Madelyn were practicing sitting, and we got pretty good!


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Madelyn’s 4-month accomplishments

October 18, 2011 · filed under: Madelyn Estelle by Jill

Madelyn is growing up right before our eyes! In less than a week, she will turn 5 months old. Her last month has been full of accomplishments. And as you can see, she is very proud of herself!

Though we haven’t seen them yet, she is definitely working on cutting some teeth. Toys, hands, and blankets all go straight to her mouth!

Last Saturday, Madelyn achieved a new feat: rolling over. The first time caught Mom and Dad by surprise, but the second attempt was captured play-by-play in these photos:
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At the beginning of the month, Madelyn tasted her first “food”: rice cereal. Here is a glimpse at a first feeding session with Dad. Doesn’t she look soooo big in her high chair?!?
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Finally, our little cutie is an overall happy girl these days. She loves sitting up in her Bumbo chair and playing on her own with toys. Our last photos show off Madelyn doing what a near-five-month old does best: playing and being happy!
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Justin & Jinny’s wedding

October 12, 2011 · filed under: Events, Family, Kids by Geoff

Last weekend, Jinny and Justin tied the knot! According to our photos, however, the center of attention was not our sister, Jinny, the bride. Nor was it our new brother-in-law, Justin. It was not the matron of honor, Jill, or Geoff, one of Jinny’s favorite brother-in-laws. Even sweet little Madelyn was out-shined. As seen below, the flowergirl, Grace, stole the show! Note: it may be that our photos are a bit biased by the photographer, Grandpa Gil…: )

The actual wedding ceremony itself was short-lived for our little star. She marched herself down the aisle carrying her basket with a big smile, then headed right to Daddy’s pew. As seen here, Grace enjoyed the ceremony while cuddling with Dad.

Then it was break time for some fun outside at the winery before the dance. All that sitting still meant lots of energy for our 2 year-old. Remarkably, though, the little princess still managed to keep her dress sparkling clean!

After the wedding party arrived, the dinner was served, and the toasts made, it was time to show some moves. Grace waited anxiously beside the dance floor for her chance to twirl in the pretty lights. In this video favorite, Grace decides that Justin has danced with Jinny long enough and cuts in…

Of course, there are more photos from Grandpa the photographer that detail the event:
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