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Madelyn is 6 months!

November 22, 2011 · filed under: Madelyn Estelle by Jill

Today Madelyn officially turns 6 months old!

Madelyn 6-month photoshoot-18

She now sleeps through the night, has two bottom teeth, eats her cereal like a champ, and giggles at her big sister. She has even been caught playing a copy-cat squealing game with Grace that threatened to drive both Mom and Dad crazy. It looks like our baby girl has been growing up before our eyes. Here are a few more favorites from her celebrity-session:

Madelyn 6-month photoshoot-8

Madelyn 6-month photoshoot-28

Madelyn 6-month photoshoot-34

Of course, we think she is pretty adorable! If you haven’t seen enough, check-out the rest of the photo-shoot:
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Or view them on Flickr.

Bringing Fall to a Close

November 20, 2011 · filed under: Family, Kids by Jill

Today we put up the last of the outdoor Christmas lights. Our hands were icy as we strung the garland and bows, and Grace complained that she was “chilly” despite wearing her new, warm snow boots. In celebration of the season of fall, here are some highlights from our October and November:

In October we spent a weekend with our friends, the Thompsons. We took in some of the best that southwest Iowa had to offer: a trip to a park in Creston, a meal at A & J’s, and a visit to the nearby Corning winery.

thompsons favorites-1

Of course, fall means football. And Grace has decided she loves football! Every weekend she runs around yelling “Go Cyclones, Wooooo!” and asking if we’re going to go to a football game. The reason is we took her and Madelyn to their first Iowa State football game with Grandpa Paul and Grandma Darla, and both girls, especially Grace, had a blast!

ISU game favorites-2

Later in November, we made a weekend trip to Guthrie Center to help our duck find a new home for the winter. (After a close-call with animal control, it was time for our neighborhood mascot to find a new place to quack!) That trip meant a chance to see Great-Grandma Bea and Great-Grandpa Bob, play with the kittens, and visit the farm.

Guthrie visit favorites-2

Finally, in preparation for the month to come, we made an early trip to see Santa. Grace knew just what to do and climbed up to sit with Santa all by herself. She told Santa that she wanted treats, a purple dress, and some play-dough. Being the good big sister that she is, she even told Santa to bring some cereal for Madelyn!

Santa favorites-1
Santa favorites-4

In between the big events, we enjoyed playing in the leaves, roasting marshmallows in the firepit, and just spending time outside in the nice fall weather.


And a few of our other favorite pictures:

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See all of our fall escapades out on Flickr.


November 1, 2011 · filed under: Holidays, Kids by Geoff

This year brought many different activities to entertain both girls! The first, of course, being the annual tradition to select pumpkins and enjoy festivities at the pumpkin patch:

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Then we had to bring the pumpkins in, size them up, decide what to carve, and carve them! Grace had a great time picking out the faces we should carve, and also helping clean out the pumpkin guts!

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Next came Grace’s favorite part! All of the Trick-or-Treating! First, we started with Night Eyes at the Blank Park Zoo with the Brown family:

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Then we attended Reiman Gardens for “Trick-or-Treat at the Gardens” with the Grooters family:

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Finally, it was Trick-or-Treat night. Grace had been practicing at all the other events, including at school. So she was a pro, ready to join Raleigh and Jack for fun in our neighborhood.

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At the end of a long night of Trick-or-Treating, the girls sit and enjoy by their pumpkins:


While Grace was out Trick-or-Treating, Madelyn was holding down the fort at home. Somebody had to stay home and make sure the kids only took one piece of candy! 🙂


Though we found these special days to be a bit busy with our two girls, we loved all of the excitement of sharing the fun as a family of four. We look forward to more special days with our girls as the holiday season approaches!

All of the photos can be viewed on Flickr