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Our grown-up girls

May 29, 2012 · filed under: Kids by Geoff

May birthdays mean it’s time to break out the camera for some new portraits.

Grace’s 3-year photos came first. She certainly knew the routine and was ready for her pictures. She climbed onto her rocking horse and proved to be a bit of a show-off for Madelyn. The ducky that kept appearing on Dad’s head helped get some genuine giggles and smiles, too.

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-009

May 2012 photoshoot-031

May 2012 photoshoot-038

Madelyn’s 1-year photos were a bit tougher. It’s difficult to convince 1-year-old to do anything for more than a few minutes, let alone stay in one spot! Grace’s lessons in rocking-horse-riding proved fruitless, as Madelyn made it clear she was not enjoying the posed ride. She did, however, seem to like being a “big girl” in the rocking chair, and gave us a grin or two.

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-029

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-030

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-002

Attempts at getting both girls together in a photo were almost comical. The photos, though, accurately capture the two girls together: one is always amused by the other, but both are rarely on the same page!

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-024

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-025

May 2012 photoshoot favorites-026

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This is just a few of the photos, be sure to check them all out on Flickr.

Madelyn turns one!

May 21, 2012 · filed under: Madelyn Estelle by Jill

Though it hardly seems possible, our baby girl is turning one. We should have known, of course, that this was coming. Some of the warning signs have been showing up over the last few weeks: pulling up to everything, taking a few steps around the furniture, “voicing” her wants more loudly… All signs indicate that our baby is indeed growing up. And what a beautiful little girl she is becoming!


Here are the photos from her pre-birthday celebrations. As you can see, the biggest hit of the affair was probably the frosting!

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I’m 3!

May 5, 2012 · filed under: Events, Grace Evelyn by Geoff

So if you all didn’t already know, I’m a pretty big deal. Today was my 3rd birthday party! It was a huge success! I got lots of presents, plus all of my friends came over, we played games, and ate cake! Mom and Dad even blew up lots of balloons and hung streamers!

I got my own camera and took pictures of the party.

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Grace is certainly our big girl. She spent the entire weekend showing us how big she is by trying out her new bike, pointing out letters in her name, and reading us her stories (from memory). Here are a few highlights of the festivities:

Grace's camera


Grace's cake

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