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Happy Holidays!

December 27, 2012 · filed under: Holidays by Geoff

We hope the season brings happy memories of the past year, and wishing you the best in the year to come. Best wishes from our family to yours.

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Or if you prefer, there is a PDF version of the Holiday Letter 2012. Happy Holidays!

Making the presents

December 26, 2012 · filed under: Holidays by Geoff

We always have fun coming up with ideas for presents and then making them with the kids. This year was no exception, and the girls got to be involved in lots of different aspects of making the presents. Here are a few pictures from the various projects from this year:


IMG_20121127_185155.JPG DSC_0355.JPG DSC_0362.JPG DSC_0372.JPG DSC_0402.JPG DSC_0408.JPG DSC_0413.JPG

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View all of the photos out on Google+

Santa & Christmas Day

December 25, 2012 · filed under: Holidays by Geoff

Christmas Eve brought our family back home. The girls wanted to make sure that Santa knew where to find us. The first order of business was to make Christmas cookies for Santa, which took us to Raleigh’s house:

DSC_1007.JPG DSC_1075.JPG DSC_1076.JPG

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Then it was time to prepare for Christmas, attend the Christmas Eve service and pick out the cookies for Santa.

IMG_20121224_171826.JPG DSC_1096.JPG DSC_1135.JPG

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And after reading LOTS of books, we finally got the girls to settle down and go to bed. So then it was time to prepare for Christmas morning:

DSC_1139.JPG DSC_1142.JPG DSC_1155.JPG DSC_1167.JPG DSC_1175.JPG DSC_1191.JPG DSC_1195.JPG

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And finally it was time for presents from the family. Of course, the girls went first:

DSC_1212.JPG DSC_1219.JPG DSC_1230.JPG DSC_1233.JPG DSC_1237.JPG DSC_1241.JPG DSC_1255.JPG

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Whew, what a busy, crazy day. All of the photos from Christmas so far are posted out on Google+.

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