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A Castle in the Making

March 11, 2013 · filed under: Kids, Madelyn Estelle, Projects by Jill

Our prior post was titled “Madelyn’s Bed.” As the photos showed, the progress we had made had created just that: a really large bunk bed frame. In the last week, that bunk bed has begun to transform into a little girl’s dream: a castle! At this point, two towers are in place, complete with windows to peek through and built in cubbies and shelves. Along the way, we got Madelyn’s new mattress, took down her crib, and officially moved her into the big bed, work in progress that it is. We both smiled when we heard our big girl happily reading aloud to herself while sitting on her bed the afternoon we set it up. More photos are to come, but here is a taste of the castle for now:

DSC_1536.JPG DSC_1572.JPG DSC_1592.JPG DSC_1606.JPG DSC_1609.JPG DSC_1625.JPG DSC_1627.JPG DSC_1633.JPG DSC_1642.JPG DSC_1660.JPG DSC_1661.JPG DSC_1663.JPG DSC_1668.JPG DSC_1671.JPG

Here are all of the new pictures:

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