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Sailing 2015

August 26, 2015 · filed under: Trips by Geoff

After two years, we decided it had been too long since we last went sailing and I was afraid I was going to forget everything we learned. So off to Bayfield we went for a swift 3-day sailing trip on the 40′ True North.

One night at dock and two nights at anchor meant forgetting all worries and enjoying the peace and quiet of a sailboat, the fun of trimming the sails and racing other sailors, and just finding time to relax. No cell service certainly helped as well.

The weather started out a bit difficult, raining all night the first night at port and into the morning. But by 10 AM the rain started to break and we headed out for our weekend of fun and relaxation.

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July 15, 2015 · filed under: Trips by Geoff

After a long and busy spring, we decided we needed to get away. Jill wanted a beach, but knew it would be difficult to talk me into it, unless she bribed with camping. So, a trip was planned to the Great Smokey Mountains for some camping, then on to the beach in South Carolina. The trip was amazingly relaxing, even though the camping was a wash due to endless rain. We made the most of it, but Daufuskie Island more than made up for some frustrating days camping.

We started out with a long road trip, with a stop in Nashville to visit the Science Museum to break up the drive. Then camping at Mile High Campground high up in the mountains near Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

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We made the most of the weather that we had, but even I had just about enough of the dampness and rain when it was time to pack up and head south. We closed up a soaking wet camper and headed on to bluer skies at sea level. We had to move quickly because we needed to get groceries for four days and make it 5 hours to Bluffton, SC in time for our 3 PM water taxi ride to the island. Daufuskie doesn’t have a bridge or a ferry service, nor does it have a grocery store. This was going to be an adventure!

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The island was a hit with everyone. The beach was gorgeous, the atmosphere was completely relaxing, and golf-cart only transportation was the cap to a really fun and super relaxing trip but entirely too short trip.

Summer vacation

September 7, 2013 · filed under: Family, Kids, Trips by Geoff

It has been an incredibly crazy spring and summer, and thus we’ve allocated no time to getting photos up. But this weekend in the hospital has given me an opportunity to get a little caught up.

Our one vacation of the summer came early and was a chance to combine trips to visit family with an educational and fun sailing trip on Lake Superior.

We started the fun with a trip to visit Jinny & Justin in Chicago. This trip included a train ride (which was a huge hit with the girls), a bus ride, the zoo, and Giordanos pizza:

DSC_3933.JPG DSC_3936.JPG DSC_3938.JPG DSC_3941.JPG VID_20130611_075441_454.mp4 DSC_3949.JPG DSC_3955.JPG DSC_3982.JPG DSC_4017.JPG

And next came a trip to the children’s museum, which the girls LOVED:

DSC_4080.JPG DSC_4089.JPG DSC_4090.JPG DSC_4105.JPG VID_20130612_113456_868.mp4

Then some time to grocery shop and prepare for the sailing trip. Next it was north to the lake, and the beginning of Greg and I’s captain certification course. We spent 2 days with a US Coast Guard certified captain who put us through the wringer with emergency procedures, docking, foul weather preparedness, and funny enough, manual charting and navigation without a GPS.

DSC_4135.JPG DSC_4140.JPG DSC_4144.JPG DSC_4146.JPG

After Greg and I passed the course and got our certifications, we spent the next 3 days sailing with the girls and Grandpa & Grandma Janes:

DSC_4152.JPG IMG_20130617_151110_661.jpg IMG_20130617_182955_540.jpg IMG_20130619_120404_885.jpg IMG_20130619_135518_994.jpg DSC_4184.JPG DSC_4189.JPG

The girls had a great time playing on the deck of the boat, even though they were required to wear their life jackets, and their life jackets were tethered to the boat. They still managed to show off some dance moves, feed the ducks, and enjoy the scenery.

DSC_4215.JPG DSC_4232.JPG DSC_4247.JPG DSC_4275.JPG DSC_4278.JPG

Finally we finished the trip with a stop at the cabin for a little bit of unwinding time. Everyone had a good time relaxing a bit, and the girls managed to catch a fish and some turtles.

DSC_4293.JPG IMG_20130614_123012_973.JPG IMG_20130621_191349_501.JPG releasing_the_turtles.wmv IMG_20130622_102405_538.JPG

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