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Camping at Wyalusing

October 25, 2012 · filed under: Family, Kids, Trips by Geoff

As the cold weather begins to set in, nothing says welcome to the fall and winter like one last camping adventure! We packed up all of our warm clothes and headed to our favorite fall camping spot: Wyalusing State Park.  The girls were looking forward to camping the entire week ahead – once we had taken the camper out of the garage and started getting things ready.  So needless to say, Friday afternoon couldn’t come soon enough!

Grace and Madelyn Janes I like dirt!

And of course Jill had to attend class:

While the rest of us enjoyed the fire:

Here are the rest of the photos, available out on Flickr.

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Willow River

September 25, 2012 · filed under: Kids, Trips by Geoff

Two busy months later, and we’ve finally gotten enough time to get the pictures from camping at Willow River up. Its amazing how time can fly. But we didn’t want to let one of the kids’ favorite events of the summer go past without sharing, so here goes:

Daddy got the camper out of the garage and these funny looking parts. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was fixing it. I wanted to help, so I crawled under the camper too.

Willow River-001

When everything was fixed, we got in the car and headed north. We got to see Landon and Grayson, then we went to the zoo!

Willow River-002
Willow River-010

Then it was time to go camping! Maddie and I LOVE camping! Our campground even had a beach and a water fall!

Willow River-012

Willow River-018

Willow River-017

Willow River-032

Check out all the pictures from our adventure!

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Rolling through the summer

July 13, 2012 · filed under: Family, Kids, Trips by Geoff

Hi. I’m Grace Evelyn Janes. Mom says summer is rolling on by us. I’m not sure what she means by that, but I think it means we’ve been rolling around alot this summer. Since I’m 3 now, I know lots of things like that.

First, I know we went rolling in the car on a really long trip. Dad said it was going to take a long time to get to St. Louis, and it did! But when we got there, we rolled to the zoo, science center, and the children’s museum. We also rolled to a big party that Mom called a family reunion. I had lots of fun playing with all the other kids and swimming in the hotel pool!

St. Louis 2012 favorites. Louis 2012-008

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We’ve also been rolling this summer to closer places. We went to visit the farm and I got to go fishing. We’ve rolled in the car to the Des Moines zoo, and the Ames aquatic center. We also roll to the library, tennis lessons, and gymnastics class each week. And, when we go to meet Daddy for lunch sometimes we go to my favorite store (It’s called Hy-Vee) and I get to roll through the store pushing my own little cart or driving a silly cart that looks like a race car. We even rolled in the stroller with Mommy in our first 5K race last weekend.

Summer 2012 misc favorites-015

Summer 2012 misc favorites

Summer 2012 misc favorites-017

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All this rolling is keeping us busy. Can’t wait to tell you where we “roll” next!

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