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Grace’s 3-month photo shoot

For Grace’s 3-month birthday, she decided to put on her pretty face for some photos! When all was said and done, we took 900 and some pictures. After weeding out all of the junk, we ended up with 78 great photos, of which 19 made the shortlist for the gallery.  I always tend to start out easy and end with the best, but I just can’t help it, this is my favorite!

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As Jill’s last few days wind down before she goes back to work, we cherish the last 14 weeks.  Grace is a blessing and as every day passes by, it continually gets harder to think about taking Grace to daycare.  Fortunately, Heather is a lot like us, so Grace will get lots of love and attention while Mom & Dad are at work.  We were fortunate to find such a great place to take Grace, and I think that helps ease Jill’s mind as she prepares to go back.

Your Mom and Dad love you very much, Grace!

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