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Grace’s two week appointment

Today marked Grace’s 2-week appointment and another weigh-in. It also marked Dad’s first day back at work, and Mom’s first day to take care of Grace alone.

The doctor visit went very well.  Grace weighed in at an astounding 8 lbs. 3 oz. today, putting her total weight gain at a pound, and after her initial weight loss, her total weight gain for a week and a half at a pound & a half.  She’s really growing!

[cg_gallery] gallery_body_image_lightbox(10024, ‘right’, 120, ‘graceweek2’); [/cg_gallery] After that, Mom & Grace dropped Dad off at work.  Grace was so upset to see Dad leave, she cried all the way to the stop sign on Welch.  Ok, so it wasn’t too far, just a couple of blocks. But she sure didn’t like Dad going back to work, that’s for sure.  In his absence, Grace soothed herself with her Sigikid bunny (thanks Uncle Greg), ate and slept, giving Mom a nice first day at home alone.  Grace was, however, nice enough to leave her messy diaper for Dad when he got home.

And with that, Grace is officially 2 weeks old and in good shape.  Mom & Dad are still in good spirits, and Grace continues to consume all of our hearts.

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For more pictures, visit the gallery.

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  • Absolutely wonderful photos. I especially like #2. This is a winner for the announcements.

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