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Thankful for Grace

The last month has been crazy with visits and activities for the holidays. With Mom & Dad hosting Thanksgiving, Grace was busy trying to keep up.

First came the preparations, and Grace was busy helping Dad decorate the house.

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Then came the visitors. Vivi Otto decided it had been long enough, and it was time for her to visit Grace. So she brought Russ & Anna and Dawn & Kyler along with her.

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And just after Vivi and company left, it was time for Thanksgiving and the arrival of family.

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And following Thanksgiving dinner, Grace decided she needed to get out of the house to walk off some extra calories. So, Grace decided some geocaching was in order.

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Following Thanksgiving, it was time to get our tree. It’s become a tradition to get our tree with the Thompson family, and Grace was looking forward to seeing Luke again.

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And then it was time to decorate. With the Christmas music blaring, Grace got first-hand experience of what it is to decorate for Christmas in the Janes house (as crazy and over-the-top that it might be).

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The holidays have reminded Jill and I about the important things in life. Family and friends have and continue to be the most important part of our lives. We’re also reminded about how blessed we are to have been given the privilege of being Grace’s parents.

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