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Happy 1st Birthday, Grace!

Our baby girl is officially 1 year old today! We celebrate our big girl and all she has learned in the last year.

And what would a first birthday be without a party? Grace celebrated a bit early on Sunday with all of her grandparents, great-grandparents, and more. With a cupcake theme and a giant cupcake cake, our little “cupcake” took the stage. It was a fun-filled day for the guest of honor, with lots of attention directed her way. She, of course, responded well to the attention by showing off her new walking skills, squealing over her birthday presents, and devouring a whole cupcake all by herself. When all was said and done, there was a wardrobe full of new clothes, enough pink and princess-themed items to make her dad cringe, a belly full of frosting, and one tired girl who was two hours late for her afternoon nap. To relive the party, be sure to check out more party photos in the gallery.

[cg_gallery 11780 500]
[cg_gallery 11786 164] [cg_gallery 11800 164] [cg_gallery 11808 246]
[cg_gallery 11771 164] [cg_gallery 11775 164] [cg_gallery 11763 246]
[cg_gallery 11777 246] [cg_gallery 11770 164] [cg_gallery 11772 105] [cg_gallery 11773 105]

In honor of her actual birthday today, though, we have brought back a few of our favorite photos from a year in the life of Grace Evelyn. We are so proud of our little girl!

[cg_gallery 9984 344] [cg_gallery 10072 164] [cg_gallery 10081 105] [cg_gallery 10781 105] [cg_gallery 10643 164]
[cg_gallery 10141 164] [cg_gallery 10431 105] [cg_gallery 10792 105] [cg_gallery 10612 105] [cg_gallery 10673 105]
[cg_gallery 11810 344] [cg_gallery 10961 164] [cg_gallery 11139 105] [cg_gallery 11381 105] [cg_gallery 11355 164]
[cg_gallery 11019 164] [cg_gallery 11197 105] [cg_gallery 11722 105] [cg_gallery 11360 105] [cg_gallery 11388 105]
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