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Spring Time with Grace

Spring time = busy at the Janes household. There seems to be much to do as the world awakens from winter, and keeping up with Grace has added to that this year. Needless to say, one project that has been neglected has been posting recent pictures. Here are some highlights from the last month:

[cg_gallery 11583 164] [cg_gallery 11593 164] [cg_gallery 11545 164] [cg_gallery 11726 164]

Top on the list is Grace’s first Easter holiday. This year she spent Easter with Mom’s family, seeing Grandpa Paul & Grandma Darla’s farm first. After visiting the cows and new baby calves, it was on to Guthrie Center for her first Easter egg hunt. Although her bucket wasn’t exactly brimming after the hunt, Grace enjoyed watching the other kids and seeing the Easter Bunny. When the excitement of the hunt died down, Grandma Donna & Grandpa Ron took her for a quick stop at the farm and home store with baby chicks and ducks. Unfortunately, Mom said no to Dad and Grace, and we did not return home with a duck. Finally, Grace practiced hunting eggs again on Easter morning with cousin Landon before church. It was quite a weekend!

[cg_gallery 11715 344] [cg_gallery 11692 164] [cg_gallery 11694 105] [cg_gallery 11698 105] [cg_gallery 11701 164]
[cg_gallery 11702 164] [cg_gallery 11703 105] [cg_gallery 11707 105] [cg_gallery 11710 105] [cg_gallery 11708 105]

And the unfortunate baby chick incident:

[cg_gallery 11704 246] [cg_gallery 11705 164] [cg_gallery 11706 164]

Grace & Landon getting into trouble:

[cg_gallery 11711 246] [cg_gallery 11712 246]
[cg_gallery 11714 164] [cg_gallery 11720 246]

Aside from the holiday, its been project time at home again. Grace’s projects including pulling herself up and “helping” with everything. Recently, she has “helped” clean up dinner, she “helped” Dad work on the car, and she “helped” inspect the basement work.  Although it seems her help usually slows the job, it certainly keeps things interesting. And Mom and Dad keep thinking about how fast time goes and how soon she really will be helping with everything as she proves what a big girl she is becoming.

[cg_gallery 11679 164] [cg_gallery 11721 246] [cg_gallery 11681 164]

See more pictures of our big girl this spring in the gallery.

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