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The next great Olympian?

While watching the Olympic games this year, it seems we have been inspired to mold our own little Olympian. Unsure whether Grace will prefer summer or winter games events, we feel obligated to expose her equally to the events from each.

With Monday and Wednesday night swimming lessons this month, Grace is on her way to becoming quite a little fish. Like all good fish, she does not seem to enjoy floating on her back as illustrated in the pictures, but she is a pro at floating on her tummy. Although she still isn’t too sure about dunking her head underwater, she does enjoy the singing and games that she gets to play with Daddy and the other swimmers. Look for Grace E. Janes to compete in any event but backstroke at the 2028 games!

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Camel ride game:


Grace floating on her bar bell:


Grace learning how to kick and chase the ball:


Lots of additional swimming:


The dreaded dunk!


In hopes of a double Olympian (parents can dream, right?) Grace and Daddy took to the snow this afternoon for Grace’s first downhill experience. With a little more “training” needed before she is ready for stand-up events like skiing, they decided that her first try should be more like the luge or bobsled. Sled in hand, the two of them conquered the small slope in the backyard–and even convinced Mommy to team up with Grace for one run. Look-out winter games 2030!

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For more pictures of our athlete-in-training, see the gallery.

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