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Our getaway this summer gets to be lots of little trips, my dad says. This trip started with gymnastics down at city hall – this time Dad got to come. I showed off my expert balance and my good listening skills.

After gymnastics, we began the long ride to the Dells. Mom & Dad were hoping that Madelyn and I would take a nap in the car, but it was so much fun to yell back and forth at each other and throw stuff that we both decided we were skipping our naps. Mom looked a bit frazzled by this decision, but finally we made it. We even had time to play in the water park at our hotel before bed that night. The animal slides and the waterfall kept Madelyn and I busy for hours.

Wisconsin Dells-001 Wisconsin Dells-002

Then it was time for us big girls to go to the big girl water park. I saw my first roller coasters, although Mom said I wasn’t big enough when I asked to ride on them. We headed past all of the roller coasters over to the water rides. The pink and purple rides looked the most fun, but they were too close to the scary bucket. So Madelyn and I opted to play on the pirate ship instead.

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After a long day at the water park, it was time to head north. I was looking forward to riding on Grandpa’s fast boat, fishing, playing at the beach, treasure hunting, campfires, and looking for turtles and loons. This time we got to stay for five whole days, which meant lots of time for playing for me and Maddie and relaxing for Mom and Dad.

Cabin fun-033

Cabin fun-014 Cabin fun-044
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Finally, Mom and Dad packed us back up in the car for another long drive to Chicago (pronounced Kahgo, I think). Between all of the dinner parties that Aunt Jinny has been attending with me, she and Justin moved to Chicago and they needed our help to get moved in. First we took a trip to the zoo and aquarium so that Madelyn could show off the animal sounds she’s been learning. Then it was down to work. It was Madelyn and I’s responsibility to make sure everyone got all of the work done, so we tried to stay right in the middle of everything. But when everything was done, the place looked really good.

Chicago-007 Chicago-010
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Sadly, it was time to leave. Dad said Madelyn and I had to attend something called “vacation detox”
for the next week. I’m not really sure what that means, but I hope it’s as much fun as this trip has been!

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